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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cross stitch kit review on ebay

My best friend bought two cross stitch kits from ebay last week and she had the most awful experience. It made such a great impression to me that I wanted to write a review and share this with my readers.

First of all, she found some fantasy fairies cross stitch kits really cheap! And when I say cheap I mean extremely cheap, each kit was £9! She couldn't resist and bought them. When she receive them she wasn't too impressed but because she liked the designs she decided not to return them and she started stitching them. The threads were non-brand threads and they were mixed all together which was time consuming to unpick them and manage them all in a card organiser (which she bought separately). The chart was of a poor photocopy (or a poor print out) and the photo of the finished design was the actual picture not the finished work or at least a simulation of the finished stitched work.

Besides all that, she started stitching one of the two kits. Half way through she run out of threads and also she realised that the fabric was too small so there was not enough aida to actually finish the design. When she contacted the seller, he refused to send her more threads and new fabric. He even refused to take the kits back or refund her.

My friend researched the kits on internet and found out that the actual designs belonged to the famous artist Nene Thomas. She contacted Nene to ask if she could suggest other cross stitch sellers. To her surprise, Nene never gave permission to the particular ebay seller to sell her designs which means the ebay seller was in fact an illegal seller.

Well, my friend has actually lost her money and she can't complete the kits with small aida and not enough threads. But the good thing is that ebay actually suspended the "nasty" seller. Be aware of very cheap kits and read the ebay description very carefully. Also check at the photo provided. Hopefully this review will help other ebay buyers.


  1. This is why I never buy kits. I buy 16 count aida in the 4' tubes from Micheal's and I have 6 boxes of DMC thread on hand. It has taken me about 5 years of sales and clearance buys to get all the DMC standard colors but to me worth it. Sorry about your friends experience maybe she can take the pattern (if she really likes it) and put it into one of today's many x-stitch programs and reprint it. Enjoy your posts :)

  2. I have bought several things on eBay, most recently several Winnie the Pooh Designer Stitches Kits and some 'chart only' - I have been very pleased with my purchases.

    However, I think you should be careful about the seller and read the description. Also take note of whether the seller takes returns - unscrupulous sellers probably won't.

    I recently sold something that has not yet been paid for and this purchaser has been reported.

  3. Obviously not all ebay sellers are the same but there are some that sell illegal designs and don't give credit to the artist and also their product is crap. I agree with Calorine, we must always check if they take returns.